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Automatic or Manual:

We specialise in Automatic lessons
However we are proud to also offer manual lessons.
Automatic is the future.
Soon all new cars will be automatic. Electric and hybrid cars will be the only new cars available and these are all automatic.
More and more new cars are automatic already. In the near future cars will be electric and self driving!
Our brand new state of the art AUTOMATIC car has many autonomous features. It can almost drive it's self! With self parking - lane following - adaptive cruise control - following the car in front at a safe distance and stopping and starting by it is self in traffic.
It is much easier to drive an automatic, therefore faster to learn and pass your test. Saving you time and money.
Typically on our AUTOMATIC lessons you will be driving in traffic on the first lesson.
On average you will progress 10 hours ahead of in a manual car.
As you can see AUTOMATIC has many advantages.
However if you pass your test in an AUTOMATIC you will not be able to drive a conventional manual car unless you take a further test.
Here at Auto Driving School we offer you the choice. If you wish you may try both Auto and manual cars and decide which is right for you.
Dave Tuckett offers AUTOMATIC driving lessons in the new high tech Ford Focus Titanium X Turbo and manual lessons in a new Mini Cooper.
As part of the Swift Pass group we can also arrange lessons in a Toyota Yaris Hybrid auto or an Audi A1 manual.
If you find you are struggling with a manual car we can switch you to AUTOMATIC.
You are free to change between AUTOMATIC and manual at any time.
Some clients struggle to master clutch control and selecting the appropriate gear. This is when you may decide to change to auto. However we can also help you to persevere with manual and pass your test.